• Next Lessons will begin in September 2024

    April/May lessons are underway now but we have enough interest to offer beginner lessons again in September. So if you have ever thought about playing bridge, spring into bridge in September! Contact playbridge@2020waihekebridgeclubfor more information and to secure your place. read more...
    Friday, 12 April 2024 by Jan Robertson
  • Beginner Lessons for New Members 2024

    Get into bridge in a fast, enjoyable way on an exciting video online platform Real Bridge Online. You will be playing bridge from the very first night and developing your skill and confidence as you play with others in the group. The SIX sessions will be from 7-9pm from Monday 8 April to Monday 13 May 2024, catering also for people working during the day. You will cover: Introduction to bridge, basic bidding and responding, Responder rebids and new suit bids, Balanced hands and No Trumps bidding,... read more...
    Tuesday, 16 January 2024 by Jan Robertson
  • New Players Excited to Join the Club

    Four new players and two existing club members have just successfully completed their series of Beginner/Refresher sessions and all are feeling excited about getting into their bridge at the 2020 Waiheke Bridge Club. The new members are: Rob Butler, Sati Sambhi, Kath Sangster and Dave Hudson. Existing club members who joined them in these sessions were Nydia Bean, Bruce Phillips, with Tana Fishman, Lexie Ridling, Lewis Holden and Rachael Wheeler making guest appearances with the group. So already... read more...
    Monday, 16 October 2023 by Jan Robertson
  • Beer Card

    Who knew that there was such a prize Congratulations read more...
    Thursday, 24 August 2023 by Glenda McLeod
  • Beer Card

    Thursday, 24 August 2023 by Glenda McLeod
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