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Improver Lessons - Monday 13 May 2024, 7pm Real Bridge Online


Continuing to encourage you to bid to slam, we will revisit Ace Asking 

Part of the Play Like a Pro Series 

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An Ode to Bridge

I’m giving up bridge – tonight’s my last night
It’s amen to Stayman, I give up the fight.
The insults and muddles are giving me troubles.
I can’t sleep at night for thinking of doubles.

My cards are all rotten
And I have forgotten
Who has played what and what is trump
Sitting for hours with a sore rump

So it’s all over tonight – I’m off to the backwoods
I’m bidding goodbye to Gerber and Blackwoods.
I can’t stand the hassle,
I can’t stand the pain
I’m getting those bad cards again and again.

Another bad nightNothing’s gone right.
My partner’s a dope
I’m losing all hope.
When opponents say “double”
I know we’re in trouble.

My points are not high,
and I’m wondering why
She kept on bidding right up to the sky.
We’re in seven spades,
I doubt she makes
When surprise, surprise,
all tricks she takes

The defenders feel sick
My partner’s really slick.
All of a sudden,
gone is my sorrow
And yes, I’ll play again tomorrow!


 - Author Unknown

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