Our Values

The 2020 Waiheke Bridge Club is a social bridge club committed to:

  a. The enjoyment of the game

  b. A willingness to support, develop and play with learners

  c. Embrace the competitive and exciting nature of the game

  d. An openness and acceptance of the diversity of all of our players

Our Motto

Good bridge in a friendly enviroment

Come and Watch us play bridge online


We use a wonderful online video platform called Real Bridge. It is very easy to use and not only makes playing bridge a lot of fun but also provides a place to learn about your playing of the hands at a later time. If you are unsure about playing online come and watch us. It's free, and you never know it might encourage you and your friends to join us there rather than having to shuffle and deal your own games.

Contact us now on playbridge@2020waihekebridgeclub to learn more.


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The Committee

Jan Robertson        Chair

Rachael Wheeler        Treasurer 

Tana Fishman             Vice Chair 

Jane Foster  

Julie Douglas

Nydia Bean 

Sati Sambhi



Bank Account


2020 Waiheke Bridge Club



Subscriptions for 2024 are $75 due 1 January, which includes the NZB Levy

Visiting NZB members are welcome to play for three sessions a year before paying the Visitors Subscription of $50 per year. Table money still applies - see below.

Table Money

Table Money is $5 per session

Please ensure there is enough money in your advance account before registering for a session.

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