Beginner Lessons for New Members 2024

Tuesday, 16 January 2024 by Jan Robertson

Get into bridge in a fast, enjoyable way on an exciting video online platform Real Bridge Online. You will be playing bridge from the very first night and developing your skill and confidence as you play with others in the group.


The SIX sessions will be from 7-9pm from Monday 8 April to Monday 13 May 2024, catering also for people working during the day.


You will cover: Introduction to bridge, basic bidding and responding, Responder rebids and new suit bids, Balanced hands and No Trumps bidding, Responder fourth bid, Overcalls and Pre-emptive and Strong Opening bids. And you will start playing on the first night.


Lessons Fee: $75, which includes membership of our Club through to 31 December 2024.


To register your interest, contact Jan Robertson 021566330.

Or email [email protected]  

Or make contact through our website Homepage.